The Cooper Group prides itself on providing the highest quality services to our clients. We have vetted and prequalified the finest, affordable network of help for our valued clients in every aspect of real estate to guarantee the best price for your home as well as the smoothest sale and escrow process. Whether our clients needs are related to preparing their homes for market, legal or tax advise or a referral for any need whatsoever, The Cooper Group Client Concierge is at your service 24 hours a day 7 days a week


Contact Number Email
Bay Alarm  Gary Caltagirone 408-483-7560
Bay Alarm Cody Crawford 408-426-1854
Best Alarm Gary Morikawa 408-871-2400 / 393-8455
Borges Security Systems, Inc 408-286-2205
Custom Central System Tom K 408-224-8220
RFI Ashley Quezada 408-882-4334
Safety First Mike Leininger 408-710-2516


Contact Number Email
Ace Appliance 408-227-2600
Appliance Experts 408-294-2698
Buzz’s Appliances Ken Brown 408-226-3312
Cool Kat Appliance Mike Katz 408-410-6193
DeAnza Appliance  David 408-996-9111
Meyer Appliance 800-540-8318
R & G Appliance 408-294-6505


Contact Number Email
Adrienne Kalpin  408-656-3861
Taketa, Miller & Assoc  Roger Miller 408-264-4032
Bob Thompson Campbell 408-307-0755
Jim Taylor  Liz 408-354-3175

This list of professionals has been compiled as a client service to aid in improvements to your property.  The real estate broker does not make any guarantees or warranties of any kind with respect to the services provided by any of these professionals.  You should investigate each  carefully before making your selection.