Which would you rather do: look for a real estate agent, or get a root canal? 

If you answered “root canal”, I fully understand. It seems like there are practically as many real estate agents in LA as there are houses in LA. (crazy, right?) But here’s the thing. I have some unique and unusual skills, experiences, and ideas that make me unlike any other agent around. 

For starters, I was a touring drummer for fifteen years in rock bands, living in and out of hotels and tour buses. (Trust me; it’s not as glamorous as you think.) After so many years on the road, I’ve developed a passion for not just finding a place to live, but finding the perfect home. 

I started applying that passion to a new career: real estate. My business has sky-rocketed. Here’s why: 

When it comes to helping a client sell their house, I admit, I’m a fanatic. I don’t just want to sell… I want to sell my client’s home for the best price to the highest number of bidders in the least amount of time. 
With that in mind, I bring countless ideas and resources to the table: 

How to style your house, and show it to its maximum advantage (in many cases undertaking major construction to achieve this) 
How to market your property to attract the highest number of key buyers 
How to skillfully and ethically negotiate for your maximum sales price 
Provide you with a contractor, handyman, plumber, landscaper etc. I have crews that work exclusively for me. 
Bring in a designer, (Stager) who can pinpoint what needs to happen in your home to attract the most people, and gain the emotional edge. 

I love helping clients buy a new home as well. Nothing gives me the buzz of finding people not just a house, but find the house. My goal is to witness the moment when you walk into a house and your eyes light up. That’s what gets me going. I want to put my negotiating skills, and intimate understanding of the market to work for you. Giving you the keys after a purchase process that’s as smooth, enjoyable and stress free as possible for you is my goal. 
I understand how emotional and stressful (even nerve-wracking!) it can be to buy or sell a home. You might have your entire nest egg on the line. Here’s what I promise: 

I will work tirelessly to answer your questions and address your concerns throughout the process. 
I will bring value at every step of the way, with research, alternatives, and optimism. 
I will proactively anticipate problems, and ceaselessly champion your needs. 

Your satisfaction will be my first priority. My goal is to serve your needs not only now, but in the future. 

Finally, let’s be honest… if we’re working together, we’ll be spending a lot of time together in person and on the phone. Rumor has it I am easy to get along with. Check out a few of my client reviews below and I look forward to hearing from you soon.