Steve Cooper is one of America's most successful and sought after luxery real estate agents, having completed more than three hundred million dollars in residential real estate sales in the past fifteen years. As of 2015, Cooper has become one of the premier power brokers throughout Silicon Valley and the luxury real estate markets throughout California specializing in luxury and mega estate properties.

Steve has been setting sales and price per square foot records in and around Silicon Valley since he began his career in 1999. Steve has sold some of the most exclusive estates and held the listing for one of the most expensive homes in Silicon Valley, offered at $14,850,000.

His record sales and unrelenting work ethic have Steve currently recognized as one of the top agents in California. He has been the agent for many of Silicon Valley's biggest names including company founders, venture capitalists, executives and the elite of Silicon Valley.

Beyond real estate, Steve currenly lives in Saratoga, California where he has lived for most of the last 48 years. Steve has traveled to moe than 20 countries with an affinity for travel and an eye for architecture and home design.